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Yosemite San Francisco

22nd August 2010

A Whistle-stop Tour of Yosemite Valley on Dan's Birthday

Two Dubious Characters Blocking the Tunnel View Outlook
    The plan today was to cram in as much of Yosemite as we could. We shot up towards Yosemite Valley, and turned off at Bridalveil Fall, and then headed upwards and onward to Glacier Point, stopping off at Tunnel View Outlook to allow Dan to take the classic Yosemite Valley photo.
    We slowly climbed to the top plateau, and I pointed out features such as Sentinel Dome as we drove across. The coolness in the air was refreshing, and the smell of pine in the breeze was intoxicating. For me, I was over the moon to be in high altitude mountains again, and I think Dan appreciated it too. Glacier Point afforded Dan with splendid views of Yosemite Valley below, Half Dome, Vernal and Nevada Falls. The Yosemite Falls had almost dried up.
Half Dome, Vernal and Nevada Falls from Glacier Point
A Veil Today on Bridalveil Fall
    When we had taken our fill of this entrancing outlook, we dropped back down to the valley floor, and I gave Dan a tour past Bridalveil Fall, El Capitan, Yosemite Falls, Yosemite Village, Curry Village and Mirror Lake with Half Dome towering above it.
    Since I was last here a month ago, I was amazed about how the water levels had dropped dramatically. The Yosemite Falls were now reduced to a trickle, and pools that I had dangled my feet in a month ago no longer existed. Mirror Lake was a couple of feet shallower than when I last saw it.
    We gave the valley a good tour, and walked some miles, before returning back to Mariposa to spend one more night.
    Dan had really enjoyed the day, especially when he caught some deer on camera just before we left the valley. I was happy since today was Dan's birthday. We celebrated with a good bottle of wine and a very tasty meal back in the small town.
    Tomorrow we would be heading to our final destination, San Francisco.
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Yosemite San Francisco

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