Welcome to my website!

    The creation of this website arose from the need to regularly inform my family about my current and planned locations during a long trip in Western America and Canada. The information would be disseminated via a blog, which would also serve the purpose of sharing my adventure with a wider group of family and friends; a web blog being the ideal mode.
    Then, having become a granddad for the first time in 2009, it dawned on me that if subsequent generations end up scattered across the globe, or I am not around to tell the story, a blog would be an ideal method of relating such adventures to them (much more informative than a stack of photographs), and may also instill a sense of adventure into them too. Thus the site has expanded to cover some of my other enjoyable pastimes such as sailing, ballooning and art, which will hopefully inspire my descendants and others into pursuing such pleasurable avenues of life.
    On a more personal note, I won't be able to enjoy the pleasures of sharing reminiscences with my soul mate in my final years, but being able to partially relive these adventures through my notes will make a small step towards compensation.
    The original Rockies blog has been extended to cover other adventures too, such as the epic sail across to Russia and the Baltic states, a long trek around beautiful New Zealand, a safari in Tanzania and explorations of the Netherlands. Feel free to follow the links.
    Please note that this site is not a masterpiece of literature, my writing skills fall wide of the mark on that score. It is just a collection of amateur scribblings that I wanted to share with my family, plus anybody else who is interested, and to store away for my twilight years.

    Follow my motto: "Try everything in life at least once".

    I hope you find something of interest on my site. Maybe it will even encourage you to go try something different. Let me know how you get on, and above all, enjoy!
Family Photo taken on 12th November 2011
      Left to Right:     Dan,   Sally,   Katie,   Oliver   and   Me

Family Photo taken on 28th May 2022
We had a family holiday in the Lake District, a very much belated 70th birthday get together.
               Left to Right:     Dan,   Sally,   Oliver,   Me,   Ralph,   Erin,   George,   Katie,   and   Robin

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