It became apparent at school that I had a natural flair for art. At secondary school, I usually came in the top two in class for art. The school suggested that I should study art, maths and physics at A level, and then proceed to university to study architecture. This plan was to dramatically change after I took my O level art exam. I just managed to scrape a pass. I learnt an important lesson; art is a subjective field, and despite the admirations of my art teachers my examiner was clearly singularly unimpressed with my work. Subsequently I dropped art and pursued a career in engineering.
    I only occasionally produced any artwork after that, often going for many years between drawing and painting. However, I love visiting galleries, and cram as many in as possible during my travels.
    The purpose of these pages is to record for posterity some of my artwork that has survived over the years, and perhaps may galvanise me or others into picking up a pencil or brush again.
    Hope you enjoy it as much as I have over the years.

Last updated 18.3.2010