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Day   Location   Headline
21st In Transit Almost Arrested Before Leaving Britain
22nd Dar es Salaam Meet up with Dan in Dar es Salaam, Where We Found the Ice Cream War Monument
23rd Moshi Reunited with Sally in the Shadow of Kilimanjaro
24th Tarangire National Park Tarangire National Park and the Great Rift Valley, Home of Our Ancestors
25th Serengeti The Vast Serengeti with its Huge Migrating Herds, and Dan Charged by a Bull Elephant
26th Serengeti The Glorious Muddy World of Hippos and a Bottle of Konyagi
27th Serengeti Our Last Day in the Serengeti; A Day of Lions, Leopards and Cheetah
28th Ngorongoro Crater A Morning in the Paradise of Noah's Ark, also known as Ngorongoro Crater


Day   Location   Headline
1st Bwejuu An Introduction to Zanzibar, Sun-kissed Paradise
2nd Bwejuu A Chill Out Day, Doing Our Own Thing, Swimming and Eating
3rd Bwejuu Red Colobus Monkeys, Jozani Forest, a Mangrove Swamp and a Snorkle
4th Nungwi Travelling in a Cab with a Loose Wheel, and Painful Encounter with a Sea Urchin
5th Nungwi A Trip to the Tailors, Feeding the Turtles and Candlelit Dinner on the Beach
6th Stone Town A Quick Peep Around Stonetown, With a Visit to the Old Fort and Inside a Sultanate's Palace
7th Stone Town An Exotic Spice Tour Followed by an Evocative Visit to the Slave Marketd
8th Stone Town A Rainy Day Soothed by Coffee at Jaws Corner, and Farewell to Dan
9th Stone Town Sinking Feeling after Visiting Livingstone's House, Farewell to Sally and Door Inspections
10th Stone Town A Visit to the Baths, Last Walk Around the Market and Farewell to Zanzibar
11th Dar es Salaam Morning at the Fish Market, A Delightful Experience
12th Ruwi A Stroll Around Ruwi's Modern Central Business District on a Manmade Landscape
13th Muttrah Browsing Around Muttrah with its Souq, and a Visit to the Sultan's Palace in Old Muscat
14th Wadi Bani Awf Spectacular Drive up Wadi Bani Awf to the Oasis of Balad Sayt, and Nakhal Fort
15th Nizwa Culture at Nizwa Fort and Souq, Marvels at Jebel Shams and Wadi Ghul, and Ancient Villages
16th Ruwi Chill Out Time in "Little India" - Where's the Spittoon?
17th Muscat Beautiful Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Al Qurm Shopping Centre and an Omani Meal
18th Mutrah Stepping Back in Time at the Sultan's Armed Forces Museum, and a Final Shopping Trip to Mutrah
19th In Transit Farewell Baking Oman and Hello Freezing Britain


Reflections on the 2013 Tanzania/Oman Trip

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