Diary for Baltic Trip:

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    The trip inevitably involved a fair amount of time at sea as well as stays in marinas. Rather than having tracts devoted to the sea treks, the stints at sea en route to a port, although often being of interest in their own right, have been lumped together with the write ups about that port.
Country Location Dates
UK Tollesbury 26th April
Holland Vlissingen 27th - 29th April
Dordrecht 30th April
Rotterdam 1st May
Amsterdam 2nd - 3rd May
Ijsselmeer 4th May
Germany Brunsb�ttel 5th - 6th May
Kiel Canal 7th May
Kiel 8th - 9th May
Finland Helsinki 10th - 18th May
Russia St Petersburg 19th - 25th May
Vyborg 26th May
Estonia Tallinn 27th - 31st May
Haapsalu 1st - 4th June
Kuressaare 5th - 7th June
Latvia Ventpils 8th - 9th June
Riga 10th June
Liepaja 11th - 13th June
Lithuania Klaipeda 14th - 15th June
Poland Wladyslawowo 16th - 18th June
Leba 19th - 20th June
Gdansk 21st June
Leba 22nd June
Denmark Nex� 23rd - 27th June
Germany Heiligenhafen 28th June - 5th July
Rendsburg 6th July
Cuxhaven 7th - 8th July
Hamburg 9th July
Cuxhaven 10th July
UK Tollesbury 11th - 14th July
Reflections on the Baltic Trip 2011

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