Diary for Netherlands Trip:

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    Rather than having pages devoted to every day, multiple days spent at a place have been lumped together with the write ups about that place.
Region Location Dates
UK Tollesbury 1st June
North Holland Den Helder 2nd - 4th June
Frisian Islands Texel 5th June
North Holland Den Helder 6th June
Friesland Harlingen 7th June
Franeker 8th June
Leeuwarden 9th June
Dokkum 10th June
Lauwersoog 11th June
Frisian Islands Schiermonnikoog 12th June
Friesland Groningen 13th June
Lauwersoog 14th June
Leeuwarden 15th June
Sneek 16th June
Stavoren 17th June
Makkum 18th June
West Friesland Enkhuizen 19th - 21st June
Medemblik/Hoorn 22nd June
North Holland Amsterdam 23rd June
Durgerdam 24th June
UK Tollesbury 25th - 26th June
Reflections on the Netherlands Trip 2013

Last updated 10.7.2013