Diary for Netherlands/Belgium Trip:

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    Rather than having pages devoted to every day, multiple days spent at a place have been lumped together with the write ups about that place.
Region Location Dates
UK Tollesbury 15th - 16th June
Zeeland Middelburg 17th June
Veere 18th June
Goes 19th - 20th June
North Brabant Willemstad 21st - 22nd June
South Holland Dordrecht 23rd June
North Brabant Biesbosch 24th June
South Holland Dordrecht 25th June
South Holland/North Brabant/Gelderland Fortified Triangle (Gorinchem, Woudrichem, Loevestein) 26th June
South Holland Rotterdam 27th June
Zeeland Bruinisse 28th June
Brouwershaven 29th June
Neeltje Jans 30th June
Brouwershaven 1st July
West Flanders Blankenberge 2nd - 3rd July
Bruges 4th July
Antwerp Antwerp 5th July
West Flanders Ostend 6th July
UK Tollesbury 7th - 8th July
Reflections on the Netherlands/Belgium Trip 2014

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